2 Sided Test

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2 Sided Test

Post by AlanR » Tue Jan 26, 2016 12:38 pm


Results of my first full 2 sided testing, using MeshCAM Software, and with the iModela running on NC Code.

The reason for changing from Player 4 (which I have not had any problems with) is because I want to get used to using NC Code as I intend to get an CNC Router in a few months’ time (to add to the iModela not replace), as my next Model Boat Building project involves a lot of 2.5D work, so need a unit that can handle sheet material (Phosphor Bronze, Brass and Acrylic) at least A3 size.

I also wanted to be able to use the same CAM software on both units, so have been testing MeshCAM (with an NC Post Processor) to make sure it worked OK with the iModela, after few minor problems (which were sorted out using the MeshCAM forum) all working very well and am very pleased with the results and wil be putting my iModela to full use. I had been looking at getting a 3D printer, but now I have sorted out the 2 sided cutting and getting a very high quality result do not need a 3D printer.
2 sided test.
Finish oil drum scale 1:42
The material is Raku-Tool SB-0470 Modelling Board, Cutter 2mm Single Edge (designed for plastic cutting).


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