Joe's 3 C's (#27)

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Joe's 3 C's (#27)

Post by Joe Wigzell » Fri Aug 02, 2013 2:47 pm

Hi hey hello,

Welcome to another of 'Joe's 3 C's' :D

In these posts I will try to bring you something Creative, Something Cool and something Commercial.
The format for these 3 things will vary, from images, videos and websites to unique applications, tips tricks and tutorials. Mostly print or 3D related but some things may be thrown in just because they ought to be shared (probably in the Cool part)!
There will probably be some terrible jokes thrown in at the end too!

Being a bit of a geek for all things design related, hopefully I'll be able to find some interesting bits and bobs to share with you!

Quote of the Day:
Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do.

-Edgar Degas - French artist
Something Creative...

Being able to both print and cut in the same device in one easy workflow is a huge time and resource saver. If you had to do all of your cutting by hand, we would all no doubt have wonky stickers, signs and graphics everywhere...eventually (it would take forever!).
However some people have great patience, a lot of skill and that Creative spark that ignites intriguing and cool ideas.
Here is a great example, Eiko Ojala is a illustrator, graphic designer and art director from Tallinn, Estonia. Check out this lovely vertical landscape made from paper graphics and cuts:
paper cuts.jpg

Something Cool...

I think that 3D printers are pretty Cool. If somebody had showed you a 3D printer when you were a might have wet yourself with joy, they are like something out of a crazy sci-fi movie. I know they've been around for a while, and for the majority of people are a little out of the home hobby league, but they're still Cool!
What bout a 3Bee printer?:

Something Commercial...

I am pretty sure that most of you will have seen an example of or something similar to this feature before, elevator graphics.
Just about every commercial property we go that has multiple stories has an elevator so there's definitely a market for them!
I found a bunch of examples in a post here that I liked.
And here's a few more:
Have any of you seen any other good ones? Or maybe printed any yourselves?

That's all for this week from Joe's 3 C's!

Thank you for reading!

Buenas noches...


Joe's chuckles... :lol:

While Jim Apple was having trouble introducing himself in France. At a hotel in Berlin, his friend Gordon Morgan was having similar problems when he arrived for breakfast.

Good advice?:
Joe Wigzell
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