Joe's 3 C's (#30) '30 at 30'

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Joe's 3 C's (#30) '30 at 30'

Post by Joe Wigzell » Fri Oct 25, 2013 10:52 am

Hi hey hello,

Welcome to another of 'Joe's 3 C's' :D

In these posts I will try to bring you something Creative, Something Cool and something Commercial.
The format for these 3 things will vary, from images, videos and websites to unique applications, tips tricks and tutorials. Mostly print or 3D related but some things may be thrown in just because they ought to be shared (probably in the Cool part)!
There will be some terrible jokes thrown in at the end too!

Being a bit of a geek for all things design related, hopefully I'll be able to find some interesting bits and bobs to share with you!

Quote of the Day:
The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.

-Sydney J. Harris - American journalist, 1917-1986
Seeing as this is the 30th 'Joe's 3 C's' and I have just turned 30, I have named this post '30 at 30', and to help you keep up with which posts are new i will name any future posts with an appropriate name after the number of the post!

Something Creative...

This is a new 3D Monopoly (New York edition), something that with a little Creativity -and some time to kill- you could product with your Roland. Perhaps a mix between print and milling?
monopoly 3D.jpg
Something Cool...

A couple of Cool features for you today:

1. 'Appearance manipulation system changes the look of printed materials and objects'
Researches at Wakayama University are developing a system which manipulates the colour, tone and contrast of printed materials, and could be used as an aid for users with vision impairments such as low vision or colour blindness.

Here's the video.

2. Artwork by Ernest Zacharevic in China's Shenyang art gallery, might have to try something like this in the Creative Centre! :ugeek:
Something Commercial...

Here's a new app for creating artwork, and it looks great!
A little snippet from Mischief:
We created Mischief because we believe that drawing with a computer can be as fun and powerful as drawing with pencil and paper. We believe that digital drawing shouldn’t require compromises; you don’t have to choose between pixels and vectors.
With Mischief, you just open the application and start drawing. You don’t need to plan around your final target resolution or drawing size or memory limitations before you begin - you can make all of those decisions later. You don’t need to take a course or read a dense manual to use Mischief. All the tools are at your fingertips. The menus are small and simple. The interaction is intuitive. Just pick up your stylus and start drawing.
Watch the video on their website here.

That's all for this week from Joe's 3 C's!

Thank you for reading!



Joe's chuckles... :lol:

Some bloke started talking to me in the pub last night.

"My mate came off his motorbike today," he said.

"Oh really?" I asked.

"Yes," he replied. "He has slight brain damage, two broken arms and is completely blind in one eye."

"Blimey," I said. "No wonder he came off it then."

It's getting chilly out there...
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