Joe's 3 C's (#37) 'Absolut, Emperor, RGB'

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Joe's 3 C's (#37) 'Absolut, Emperor, RGB'

Post by Joe Wigzell » Mon Mar 17, 2014 3:06 pm

Hi hey hello,

Welcome to another of 'Joe's 3 C's' :D

In these posts I will try to bring you something Creative, Something Cool and something Commercial.
The format for these 3 things will vary, from images, videos and websites to unique applications, tips tricks and tutorials. Mostly print or 3D related but some things may be thrown in just because they ought to be shared (probably in the Cool part)!
There will be some terrible jokes thrown in at the end too!

Being a bit of a geek for all things design related, hopefully I'll be able to find some interesting bits and bobs to share with you!

Quote of the Day:

There are 2 rules to success
1. Don’t reveal everything you know

Something Creative...

Here's a Creative project from Absolut Vodka in which they used robotic arms to spraypaint t-shirts!:
Our goal was to create unique T-shirts based on portraits of their owners-to-be via robotic spraypainting. We take a picture, transfer it via the camera's WiFi connection to a laptop and process it using a specially developed vectorizing component. This data is then passed on to KUKA|prc, which immediately previews the robot's kinematic movements and outputs a KRL file.
Something Cool...

If you are reading this then you may well be sat at a computer/work station, wouldn't you rather be sat at this work station??:
21-500-Computer-Pod-Work-Station-1.jpg ... -Gear.html

Something Commercial...

Here is a link to a video showing how Ikea used RGB lighting to create a 3 in 1 print advertisement. Here is what they said:
When you have little space you need to come up with clever solutions.
That is not only true for interior decoration, but for advertising space too.

But how can you turn little space into more?
Like this, for example:

3 lines.
3 colours.
3 bulbs.
This is how you turn 9 m² into 27 m².
And 1 billboard into more than just 1 billboard.

This is how it works:
If the billboard is illuminated by green lamps, only the line printed in magenta is readable.

Blue-purple light makes yellow visible.

Red light brings blue to the surface.
That's all for this week from Joe's 3 C's!

Thank you for reading :geek:

Byesie bye...

Joe's chuckles... :lol:

I just emailed my application form for the dominatrix club...

I got an instant reply thanking me for my submission.

Joe Wigzell
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