Corel DrawX8/Versaworks colors not matching

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Sig's Signs
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Corel DrawX8/Versaworks colors not matching

Post by Sig's Signs » Sat May 06, 2017 6:05 pm

Color Problems. I am using a Roland Versacamm printer with Versaworks and creating designs in CDRX8. I have printed the roland color chart from my printer through Versaworks. So when I am in CDR and create a design I use the Roland spot color library in CDR and the colors are not even close to what is on the color chart. Example, If I want a PR19K (blue) in my design. By using the color chart I know what it is going to look like when it is printed. However when I put an object in my design to that color number it is a real light blue on screen. It is definitely something in my settings on CDR because when I open my older version of CDRX5 that is still on my computer I get even a different color than what is showing on the version X8 even though it is still the PR19K So therefore I know it is a deal where I feel I need to set up my color information. Can someone here help me please?

I posted this on a Corel Draw forum and got a little advice but still not close enough.

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Re: Corel DrawX8/Versaworks colors not matching

Post by Kai Perry » Tue May 09, 2017 9:49 am

This could be down to a couple of things, firstly check that when exporting the file as an EPS that the checkbox for spot colours is unchecked.

Next in Roland VersaWorks, from the edit menu select Queue A settings and then click on the file format tab, ensure the box for convert spot colour is checked. Do the same for Queue B if they use it.

Also to confirm if the colour is correctly saved, in the job check the colour is showing under the file format tab.
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