Roland MDX-40A weird X-axis problem.

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Roland MDX-40A weird X-axis problem.

Post by ilmastodontti » Wed Feb 06, 2019 8:32 am

Hi everyone.

I work at a goldsmiths atelier with emphasis on 3d manufacture. We're still keeping our old MDX-40A war horse working. We use it to mill our ring wax models for casting. The machine has some 20k hours in it so it's been lovingly used. Now we've run into a problem that we just can't fathom.

When we do indexed cutting, the resulting piece is too small in x-axis direction. In other axes the dimensions are fine, but in x-axis direction there's always less. As an example, If we're milling a wax that's supposed to be 20mm in diameter, the resulting wax is 19.5mm in x-axis and 20mm in in y-axis. Recalibration didn't help. The correction doesn't help, as you can't set the distance correction to over 100%.

Has anyone had anything like this?

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